Active Crossover
Simon Whetham

The 'Active Crossover' project was initiated during an artist's residency Simon undertook at the Polymer Factory Culturehouse in Tallinn, Estonia. Through recording and composing, working and performing with many other artists and running workshops, he gathered an extensive and varied body of work, which he exhibited at the Arnolfini in Bristol through October 2009.

The exhibition is purely sound-based, with two separate installations running simultaneously in constructed acoustically-treated chambers that allow controlled sound-bleed between the spaces. The first installation features an immersive composition created following the residency, using field recordings captured in locations across Estonia and from Latvia. The second features work by artists Simon collaborated with while Artist-in-Residence and pieces resulting from a composition workshop.

As the exhibition tours, Simon captures sounds from each location, adding site specific elements to his composition. This charts the journey the project makes and creates a unique experience each time the project is exhibited. Artists involved in each stage also submit work to be included in the second installation, creating an ever expanding and evolving collection of work.

Opening and closing night events feature performances that follow the collaborative nature of the project. Artists play solo sets, interspersed with short collaborations.

Opening night event - 5th February 2010 - 7:30pm
Cella Venue, 51-55 Brunswick Street East, Hove, BN3 1AU - £5
Featuring: Dylan Nyoukis, Ian Murphy, Rowan Forestier-Walker, Jez riley French, Paul Khimasia Morgan and Simon Whetham

Closing night event
- 28th February 2010 - 7:30pm
Featuring: Joseph Young, Mike Blow, Daniel Jones and Simon Whetham

Presentation and Active Listening Workshop: run by Simon Whetham - 7th February 2010 - 12pm