Hannah Rae Alton, Tommy Grace, Rory Macbeth, Mark Selby
Curated by Monica Meriggi

Exhibition: 16 – 31 January 2010
Private View: Friday 15th January, 7-9pm
Open: Thurs-Sun, 1-5pm
Artists Talk: Saturday 23rd January, 7.30pm

TRANSMISSION brings together four artists using different media and approaches, who each share a particular interest in communication as dialogue and interpretation.

Whether it is the interpretation of one’s words, the translation of a text, or a reading and understanding of the world; the dynamics between intention and result and between transmission and reception are significant in the artists’ investigations of communication.

The artists’ common ground is an interest in what’s hidden behind the immediacy of signs. What is beyond our grasp and understanding: meaning. To be universally understood meaning has to be common and uniformed; it requires a conventional acceptance.

The critique of this common meaning that we could call “truth” is carried out by the artists in different ways. Their differences are as important as their similarities.

Their differences show the rhizomatic nature of the truth - of each truth.TRANSMISSION means then a creative process of interpretation rather than an assimilation of unified information. It is the capability to create personal meanings and understandings.

By playing with the visibility of the sign and the invisibility of significance, art can expose our fragile being and the tragicomic failure of the search for a higher and universal truth.