Impossible Diagrams

Plastique Fantastique
David Burrows & Simon O'Sullivan & others

Exhibition: 07/05/11 - 29/05/11
Open: Thursday - Sunday, 1-5pm
Opening event: 07/05/11, 7-9pm
Artist talk: 21/05/11, 3pm

What is impossible? The dead Thing is a living Thing; the living Thing is a dead Thing. That which was this-way becomes that-way. Goods become shadows. Demons visit. They carry a virus for your eyes. FUCK your eyes. You are blinded by the BRILLIANCE of the new. All is inverted. All is frozen-still. The brain is concrete (CUNN-CREET!!). YOU become a lithopedian (the stone baby). A crumbling fossil with a hole through its very heart.

All this is impossible, and yet is actualised through diagrams (a display - for you - of the VOID around which all things loop). And furthermore, vibrations and frequencies will be deployed - a sounding of the crumbling edge of the loop that circles and holds this VOID.

Supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.
In association with HOUSE.