Bunker beautiful
Mike Stoakes

Exhibition: 24/07/10 – 08/08/10
Featuring a performance of 'Bunker Application Suite' by ModeX

“Designing spaces involves not only dealing with materials on a physical level; it is a process of redefining personal boundaries and examining the aspirations of the inhabitants. Our aim is to create for you an emotionally secure and aesthetically pleasing environment, to express and project your personality into the space via texture, colour and light.” JAG Design

Bunker beautiful is a makeover show in an underground shelter suggested by Grey Area’s location in a basement. The gallery and its previous function as residence are displaced by a space that privelages and protects the observer and their lines of sight. The distinction between the gallery and the house as spaces to view art blur and recombine under the sign of protective décor, the works being chosen to complement the bunker’s function as store and mirror.