The Butler's Cough
Simon Morse

Exhibition: 11th September - 26th September
Open: Thursday – Sunday, 1-5pm
Artist Talk: Saturday 18th September

Simon Morse's low-tech devices hang quietly against walls, their lights flickering dimly, presumably maintaining some aspect of something. As long as they blend in and get on with their job the rest of us are free to get on with our lives. But go up to them in their darkened corners, on their dusty corridor walls, and see how their politely incomprehensible surfaces are constructed from a multitude of conceptual rough edges, papered-over logic, and smeared semantics.

Morse suggests the world functions the way it does not because of what people get right but because of what they get wrong, and that the functionaries whose task it is to mediate this wrongness are where true knowledge resides.

The exhibition enters the room, clears its throat quietly but insistently, and says 'Pardon me sir, madam. I have some news...

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